Press Release 4-8-14

A personal message from Bernie Fagan, Founder and President of Oregon Soccer Academy:

"Oregon Soccer Academy has always been committed to leading youth in developing soccer skills, team building skills, and personal pride in a quality environment so that a life-long love of the game is instilled at an early age. My goal for forming OSA has always been to bring a high quality program to players and their families. Creating a 'soccer home' in which players can learn from the best coaches, bond with their community members and develop their skills at an individual pace is a primary focus. This focus has allowed players to create memories that make this wonderful sport a life-long passion that can be carried into adulthood and shared with the next generation.

"One of the best ways for players to develop their skills to their greatest potential is to be in an Academy setting and training alongside other talented players. A routine of consistent training led by well-educated, qualified, and nurturing coaches who focus on individual skill development ensures players are progressing at a pace that is best suited for the specific child. The greater depth of talent that players can train alongside is vital for a rich understanding of both technical and tactical growth in the game. Having multiple teams at each age level is ideal to achieve these goals.

" I had the pleasure of meeting with another club director recently who shares this vision, has a wealth of knowledge and integrity, and who happens to be in the same geographic area as OSA. We have met on several occasions over the past month and some of our discussions looked into the possibility of our two clubs merging. The biggest question was whether a merger would better serve the needs of the players in the Portland area as opposed to remaining individual clubs. Based on the cohesiveness of coaching philosophy, the geographic overlap of home fields, and the high regard for having a superior coaching staff, the answer to the question of whether to merge clubs was always, Yes!

"So after a great deal of discussion, thought and prayer I feel confident that OSA is best serving the needs of our players and parents by amalgamating with BSC Oregon. I have every confidence that together with Scot Thompson, Executive Director of BSC Oregon, we can bring the highest quality program to our players. This amalgamation puts the priority of player development and strength of coaching ahead of keeping the OSA name. The merger ensures a positive environment for all current players to continue their development as well as allowing our wonderful OSA coaches to further their experience in coaching by joining BSC Oregon.

"Tryouts for the upcoming fall season will be starting in May and now is a perfect time to make this transition. We encourage everyone who is interested in this philosophy of soccer to attend the tryouts for BSC Oregon. Our current coaches and I are joining the BSC Oregon organization and will be familiar faces for our current players! Training fields will also be familiar to our current players as well as introducing them to some other fields in the area where they can practice and have games.

"Since I believe so strongly in this merger, I would like to have 100% participation of all current OSA players at the upcoming BSC Oregon tryouts. BSC Oregon is launching a new website and complete details about the club, practice facilities, tryout schedule and online registration will be available shortly.

"The Bernie Fagan Soccer camps will continue to serve kids ages 5-14 for weeklong day-camps. We will again be offering Recreational camps for those players at the beginning to intermediate level of play as well as the Competitive camps for the intermediate to advanced player. You can find complete details of the summer camps and online registration at - I look forward to seeing the kids at the camps this summer!

"I have valued every minute of being able to lead so many players expand their skills, talents, and love for the game over the years. The joy that I have when players tell me how much Oregon Soccer Academy has meant to them is immeasurable. Likewise, I have had the privilege of working with some of the finest coaches in the state and I have a great deal of respect for them as coaches and role models for our kids. I consider each coach to be family and look forward to our continued work together at both BSC Oregon and the Bernie Fagan Soccer camps.

"Oregon Soccer Academy has been a big part of my life. I look forward to this new venture with BSC Oregon with great eagerness and enthusiasm. This is an opportunity to provide the highest quality soccer to an even larger audience and to be part of a club that is sure to be one of the finest in the Pacific Northwest! Come join me in this new venture - it promises to be very rewarding for everyone!

Here's to a great future with BSC Oregon!

Bernie Fagan