U8-10 Developmental program

Oregon Soccer Academy is excited to offer the U8-10 Developmental Program focusing on technical training and team play. Designed for the younger player (usually those in 2nd-4th grades), the OSA Developmental Program is an introduction to more advanced, classic-level soccer.

The OSA Developmental Program is run by coaches who design lesson plans to develop each player's soccer skills in a friendly, fun and professional environment. Each team coach will teach the various components of the game and encourage players to train and compete at a higher level in order to prepare them for classic soccer. OSA believes that this system of teaching soccer fundamentals will promote young players to have a better appreciation for the game of soccer.

Technical and tactical skill development and small sided games will be used to develop the player who has the desire to go beyond the basic skills. Activities will grow from simple to more complex as the sessions progress. The focus of the training will be on the individual player. This includes helping the individual player become more confident and comfortable on the ball and in high pressure situations. Focus will also be placed on the fundamental techniques of soccer including dribbling, receiving, passing and ball striking, which are the building blocks of the game for all youth player development.

OSA is confident that the Player Development Program will assist all U8-10 players to further develop their soccer skills, enabling them to be prepared and to become strong contributors to their competitive teams once they reach the U11 age level.

The Developmental program offers:

Spring Outdoor soccer - A season that focuses on individual skill development and a greater understanding of positional play for each player.

  • Open to all U8-10 girls and boys
  • Season runs January through April
  • Tryouts are not necessary to join an OSA team for the Spring season
  • Teams play 8v8. Rosters will be limited to 12 players per team to ensure adequate playing time for each member
  • Practices are January through April. Practices are held 1-2 days per week; schedules to be confirmed. Practice locations include Lincoln High School and West Hills Christian school
  • League games are played on Sundays in either Wilsonville or Hillsboro (to be confirmed) during March and April
  • Fee is $295 per player (U8-10 players). Includes league fees, practices, games, Spring Skills Sessions, coaching fees, field fees for practices and games, referee fees, coaching equipment, US Club Soccer membership, insurance, administration. Uniforms are not included.

Spring Skills Sessions are included with your registration for Spring Outdoor Soccer! OSA players who are registered for the spring season are encouraged to attend the Spring Skills Sessions held on Friday evenings at Lincoln HS and West Hills Christian school. Using the iSoccer curriculum from the US Club Soccer program, the coaches of these sessions will focus on developing the individual player with specific exercises designed to enhance:

  • Fitness
  • Speed
  • Ball handling skills
  • Positional play
  • Injury prevention

Register for the Spring season by January 10

Fall Outdoor soccer - The summer/fall season is designed to take the U8-10 player to a higher level of individual skill development and understanding of the game. Players are expected to focus on their skill development and team participation during the summer tournaments and fall league. The focus of the season will be to develop individual skills and tactics, enhance player's techniques, promote a system of play, and encourage understanding of field postions.

More information about this season will be posted by April 1, 2014.

Winter Indoor Soccer - Indoor / Futsal is a low-intensity season of soccer designed to keep players active and improve their ball handling skills. The focus of the season will be on individual skill development and an enhanced understanding of the game.

  • Open to all U8-10 girls and boys
  • Season runs mid-November through December
  • Tryouts are not necessary to join an OSA team for the Winter Indoor season. Preference is given to returning OSA fall season members; new members will be added as the rosters allow. OSA will form as many teams as necessary to accommodate the interest level. Rosters will be formed on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Teams play 5v5. Rosters will be limited to 8 players per team
  • There are no practices during the Winter Indoor season
  • League games are played at Rose City Futsal in NE Portland
  • Fee to be confirmed. Includes league fees, player card, games, coaching fees, referee fees, administration. Uniforms are not included.

Register for Winter Indoor / Futsal soccer by October 15 - Please call the office at 503-284-4951 to register!